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Nurturing Self-Reliant Leaders at Dragonfly Preschool

Founded in 2003, Dragonfly is an early childhood organization formed by a compassionate and dedicated team that aims to provide quality early childhood education to children aged 2 to 6.

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Nurtured Self-Reliant Leaders


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Why Choose Dragonfly?

Self-Reliant Leaders Program

Our specially designed Self-Reliant Leaders program nurtures independence, leadership, creativity, and a love for learning in children aged 18 months to 6 years.

Purposeful Learning Environment

Age-appropriate facilities and purposeful teaching materials create an optimal setting for fostering independence and creativity.

Parent-Coach Partnership

Our strong collaboration with parents ensures a holistic approach to building confident, self-reliant leaders.

What Parents and Children Say About Us

Our Programmes

We strive to integrate the experience and interaction with teachers, facilities, environment, educational activities, and daily routine activities, to encourage exploration, discovery, and experience of knowledge, not just academically, but in other major areas of life as well.
STREAM Education
Qi Leadership Programme
SRL™ @School
SRL™ @Home

New Enrolling for Toddlers Class

18 months to 2 years old.

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