Our Philosophy

Alize Chu - CEO

Founder of dragonfly

“Children learn in many ways, one of the best ways is through play.”

My regret when I was a kid was not being able to attend kindergarten.I believe, early childhood education is crucial for the young children’s development.This is the best time for children to learn and acquire life skills and knowledge.Therefore, my life-long dream is to start a kindergarten that allows children to learn and grow in a loving,stimulating and creative environment.

Our Vision

To develop a well-rounded self-reliant individual to achieve personal fulfilment and contribute to society’s values.

Our Mission

To Empower young leaders with essential self-reliant skills to deal with ever-changing challenges. 

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs are rooted and inspired in the philosophy of the father of real-life education, John Dewey.

Our community upholds 3 core principles of education. 

Education is life

School is society

Learning by doing

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